I love rainy days. But it seems every-time it rains someone comes along to tell me how much they do not. They say loudly and without prompting "Don't you just hate this dreary weather." It is not a question for them it is a statement, they expect you to confirm with an affirming head nod or an exaggerated "Yeah, awful!" 
I love rainy days, they are my favorites, and we don't get a lot of them here it Texas. But it makes the few we have so much more special to me. So, when someone who hates rainy days comes along and tells me "No, you don't, everyone likes sunny days, nobody ACTUALLY LIKES the rain!" I get a bit miffed. And I draw cartoons like this.
I do not promote violence, but some days when those few very particular people get to me I just want to punch the sun. And so that's how Angry Cloud was born.
He has since become a couple stickers, a pin, and a hat. There will be more to come...
© 2020, Erin Donnalley. All rights reserved.
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